A Passion for food and wine



"Sa Farmacia is magic, passion, taste, color, family - it is history in an intimate and special place, and we want to share this with all of you."

A new culinary highlight in Formentera is born


Our new family-owned restaurant welcomes all guests and wishes you pleasant hours with excellent food and finest wines.

At Sa Farmacia, we believe that fresh, high-quality products are not only the key to a beautiful meal, but also a crucial factor in the representation of who we are and what we stand for. 

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Expect excellent meat, fish and as well innovative vegetarian dishes of the highest quality
Enjoy fresh, high-quality food inspired by both Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.
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Enjoy selected and award-winning wines with all your senses in an outstanding atmosphere
Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.
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Our new restaurant is operated by the owners of the popular beach kiosk "Piratabus", founded in 1971.
In the heart of Formentera, in San Francisco, you will find our brand new and delicious restaurant.
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Come to one of our next exclusive events and spend beautiful hours and unrepeatable moments.
You have to celebrate the festivities as they come, and we are glad to spend them with you.


Genuine and delicious


Best ingredients for your well-being

THE Chefs recommendations

Asian Gazpacho

Asian gazpacho, infused coconut milk, red Formentera gamba, marisco foam, bread crust


Galician Beef Chop

Beef chop from the old Galician cow, Purree Robochon, Zuchini Chips


"Straciatella" Salad

"Straciatella" burrata salad with fresh figs, mango mousse

Wild Caught Fish

Wild caught turbot, broad beans, pulpo coral, sweet crisp

Asian Style Octopus

Octopus asia style, pea pesto, crispy rice and herring, smoky lime oil

Mojito by Piratabus

"Pascual's Dream" Pirate Bus - Mojito dessert in different textures

Best ingredients for your well-being


Good people, good food, good time.


YOUR Company or Private EVENT


Whether weddings, birthdays, company parties or any other celebration, we are happy to treat you. In a personal conversation, we plan your event with you. We respond individually to your wishes and requirements and put together a suitable offer for you.

Beach Kiosk Piratabus


Our beach kiosk was founded in 1971 by Pascual, called “Pirata” and has been run by him, his wife Edith, his nephew and managing director Sven, his wife Ilka and their two children Moritz and Paula for 50 years now.

Out of love for good food, delicious wines and our dear guests, the same family members opened the restaurant Sa Farmacia in 2022 in Formentera.


Pascual, better known by the name of “Pirata”, had a discotheque there together with his friend Pablo. It already attracted people’s attention back then during Franco’s time because of the good music that was played.



One fine day, some hippies from Germany happened to stop there. They were on their way south to Ibiza with their VW-Bus. They talked about the small neighbouring island of Formentera and about its wonderful beaches. Delighted with everything they had been told about these beautiful islands, Pascual and Pablo couldn’t help but plan their next holiday to Ibiza, and to definitely make an excursion to Formentera.



When they did visit Formentera they specially liked this small island with its magic charm which remains to this day. The island they had just ‘discovered’ got under their skin in such a way, that they decided to sell their discotheque on the mainland and settle down in Formentera. They started off by enjoying a year of doing nothing, but as the money made from selling the discotheque ran out, they were forced to call a halt to that nice life.



Pascual, known as “Pirata“ – founded in the early 70’s the PIRATABUS.

To find out more, look up to Story. His wife Edith felt in love with the island in 1978 and 1988 in Pascual.
In 1989 she entered the business at the bus.

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Family owned, Sa Farmacia is a new restaurant brought to you by the original owners of the long-loved beach kiosk "Piratabus". 

Edith, Sven, Ilka and Moritz run this new culinary highlight in Formentera in amongst a highly trained, innovative and creative team.



As a family, we have always loved to spread joy and comfort to others through what we know best: presenting excellent food and drinks to those around us. 

This is how Sa Farmacia came to be; a restaurant that combines a high level cuisine experience with a comforting, family-like environment. A place at which you can relax, sit back and be in the company of those you value most. 


Carrer des Pla del Rei 10
07860 San Francisco de Javier

Opening Hours

19:00 – 01.00 
Monday – Saturday

Contact Us

Phone: 0034 608 22 60 19

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